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 (Jim Estok)


“God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on the trees and flowers and clouds and stars.” Martin Luther
God is our author and when we attempt to supersede God and become our own author, it all falls apart. For we impose our will, not the authoritative will of God. We are not designed and created for such autonomy.
A stunning revelation reading Luther’s quote the other day: physically, emotionally and spiritually. For a while now I’ve sensed something amiss with me beyond the depression and anxiety. I am at fault for trying to be my own author.
My self-worth and my hope do not have origin through my own devices. The good news and love of Jesus Christ is where my identity is secure, through and in the amazing grace of God. Establishing my true identity and self-worth.
“To some God is discoverable everywhere, to others nowhere.”CS Lewis
When I find my joy in Christ it allows me to find the gospel, not only in the Bible but also in all that God has created. C.S. Lewis commented, “To some God is discoverable everywhere, to others nowhere.”
My prayer is to discover God everywhere!

Jim Estok
Purveyor of Light through Life lived & shared and through photography



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